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Number: 696
Value: 0.50 HRK
Design: O. Franković, I. Vučić, designers from Zagreb
Photo: Ivo Pervan
Size: 29.82 x 35.50 mm
Paper: white 102 g, gummed
Perforation: Comb,14
Technique: Multicolored Offsetprint
Printed by: Zrinski d.d., Čakovec
Date of issue: 30/9/2008
Quantity: 1 035 000

As our country is rather diverse, we are in possession of a huge treasure of this slow-motion history. Aware of its value as well as of its volatility, today we mark it – by assigning it the task to denote identity. Croatian Post launched a series of postage stamps with the motifs of folk costumes.

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What we refer to as folk art is the outcome of longer, slowed-down time. History has always been created by individuals, and this also applies to art. However, art has only slowly been deposited in the awareness, resting rolled up for a lot longer than the passage of events, in mutually unconnected mounts and vales, across seven rivers and seventy seven mountains. What used to be enduring and persevering – dialects, fashion, surnames, customs, meals, tools, jobs and days… - all of these were local, unique, different and individual; all of these have nowadays become assimilated into a universal mass in the communication cauldron. It is true that in the head dressing of the Slavonian girls the ancient hair-combing style is still alive, but this hair-dressing stopped being related to the world of dressing and has been transferred to the world of changing one’s clothes, disguising. It is true that in the Mediterranean jewellery the pre-historic forms are still alive as well as the materials and techniques or the Roman motifs. But this has become the world of quotations and not of the expression of one’s own time. The unique testimony of the times passed, those that have survived, we keep in family chests and wardrobes, we see them at festive events as part of the picturesque and joyous atmosphere or we activate them when, in the course of the assault of destruction of the cultural landscapes, the aggregate of supply of specificities, we wish to offer our guests at least a lesser distinguishable genre. As our country is rather diverse, we are in possession of a huge treasure of this slow-motion history. Aware of its value as well as of its volatility, we nowadays give it a benchmark – the task of identity benchmark. The Croatian Post launched a series of postage stamps with motifs of folk costumes. We are aware that in the past there had been valuable presentations of this material – let us just remember the review prepared by Zdenka Sertić. This time, however, the intention was not so much to give to these presentations inventorial or documentary features as to make them astonishing and fascinating. The measure of the view means no simple framing of details but the entrance within the interior “small spring of magic”. Orsat Franković and Ivana Vučić, designers who have already earned for us a great amount of worldwide admiration, knew, so to speak, how to approach the relationship between the surface of the material and the breeze blowing lightly above it. Thus, in these first five postage stamps, they have introduced the dialectics of the Slavonian full-empty gold-embroidery (Bizovac), the thick weave of dark earthen colour – the “interior combustion” of Ravni Kotari, corals that have come from the Pannonian Sea and in clinking, dark red rows enrich the blouses from Prigorje (Bistra), magical flowers that survived from the Baroque altar cloth on the aprons from Posavina and still exude scents (Sunja) and, finally, the ancient mannerist trellis work of the Pag lace that at some time could be seen on the collars of Spanish kings, the lace that used to cross over the whole of the Mediterranean and has nowadays stopped here with us, belonging to the luxurious whiteness of the sparse island. Indeed, there is a lot that we have: however, as the poet says, “it is still there, it is still there due to some of those who still have pride” – and we are going to have it as long as we retain our pride. This series of postage stamps issued by the Croatian Post is a contribution in this sense.

Type: R
Description:   The stamps have been issued in 50-stamp sheets, and there is also a common 5-stamp sheetlet with one label. The Croatian Post has also issued a First Day Cover (FDC).
Date: 29/9/2008

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