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Number: 1089
Value: 3.10 HRK
Design: Lidija Novosel and Adam Peter Maguire, designers, Zagreb
Size: 35.50 x 35.50 mm
Paper: white 102 g, gummed
Perforation: Comb,14
Technique: Multicolored Offsetprint
Printed by: AKD d.o.o., Zagreb
Date of issue: 20/2/2017
Quantity: 150,000 per motif

It originates from North and Central America and is found in various habitats. It feeds on snakes, including venomous snakes, lizards, rodents, birds and eggs of birds or reptiles. In captivity it feeds on rodents and eggs. It grows up to 2 meters.

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MUSK TURTLE Sternotherus odoratus The area in which this turtle lives is spread in several states in the USA and partly in Canada. Swamp and quiet backwaters of rivers are its home in nature. It is mostly a carnivore and feeds on worms, snails, aquatic insects and small fish. As an adult it also eats water plants. It grows up to 15 cm and is one of the smaller turtles. Since the end of the last century it is being imported to Europe as a substitute for red-eared slider since the latter had been identified as invasive and were banned for import and breeding in most EU countries. Musk turtle is not as colorful as red-eared slider, but it is smaller, has an interesting shell, it is less demanding and is much more resistant than other species. Since it is aquatic turtle, it is kept in aquatic terrarium which size for an adult should be 80 x 35 x 40 cm. It would be good to have a heater in aquatic terrarium in order to maintain a temperature at 25 ° C, filter for purifying water and lighting. The terrarium should contain bigger rocks and stumps that will allow the pet to get out in the sun and heat. Namely it is good to place the lighting lamp above the stone or stump in order to make that place warmer. When possible, it would be nice to put the turtle to sunbathe, making sure it does not take too long to avoid overheating. We feed it with dried shrimps, small fish and a variety of insects. We can give it also live insects (crickets, mealworms, earthworms, aquatic snails and tubifex). It is also possible to buy to buy pelleted turtle food, though it is not recommended to keep giving it the same food. It is not recommended to put two males in the same terrarium, but it is possible to put a couple of females with one male. The sexes differ by the size of their heads and the thickness and length of their tails. Males have every part bigger but are not bigger in total size, so females are slightly larger than males. While young, when frightened, turtle emits the scent of musk, after which it was named. Boris Cebović, breeder of small animals

Number: CHILDREN’S WORLD - terrarium
Type: C
Description:   Stamps have been issued in a common 8-stamp sheetlet; there is also First Day Cover (FDC) issued by Croatian Post.
Date: 20/2/2017

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