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Number: 1011
Value: 3.10 HRK
Design: Orsat Franković, designer, Zagreb
Photo: Andrija Carli
Size: 48.28 x 29.82 mm
Paper: white 102 g, gummed
Perforation: Comb,14
Technique: Multicolored Offsetprint
Printed by: AKD d.o.o., Zagreb
Date of issue: 10/6/2015
Quantity: 100,000

Glavat is the highest island in the archipelago of Vrhovnjaci, and by its configuration was convenient for the lighthouse which was built in 1884. Precipitations are here more often than on other islands on the high seas in the Adriatic.

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The light of the lighthouse Glavat with the range of 22 nautical miles marks the eastern rim of the Lastovo Archipelago. Near the island with the same name there are about twenty islets, rocks and shallows - all reasons why the Austro -Hungarian Monarchy built here a lighthouse. From the shore of Lastovo the islet is 9 and from Korčula 12 nautical miles away. To the east, to Mljet there are eight nautical miles. Glavat is the highest island in the archipelago of Vrhovnjaci, and by its configuration was convenient for the lighthouse which was built in 1884, on the highest island plateau, 22 metres above sea level. The light in the tower rotates 45 metres above sea level. In the period of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy the lighthouse building was used also for the accommodation of the smaller military advance-post. The building is today entirely renewed according to original drafts. In the ground floor there are working spaces of lighthouse men, in the first floor there is a living area and in the attic there are secondary rooms. The 220 square metres of living area position Glavat among the largest lighthouse buildings in the Adriatic. The light was automatized in the 90-ties of the 20th century, when the crew was withdrawn. After the renewal of the object there is again a lighthouse man in charge for the lighthouse. In the north-west side of the island there is a hangar with the equipment for drawing ashore the lighthouse-men's boat. Rainwater is collected in the cistern situated under the entrance hall to the building. Precipitations are more often here than on other Adriatic islands in the high sea, whereof evidence green contrasts of vegetation that blooms in spring. The legend connected with the emergence of the islet of Glavat tells us about the dilemmas of gods from the Greek Olympus. In one of their quarrels the gods were unable to agree which island was more beautiful: Lastovo, Mljet, or Korčula. Poseidon then sent his adjutant to check on the spot. The adjutant admired the islands from the rim of Vrhovnjak. Poseidon got cross with him and transformed him into a small island - Glavat.

Neven Šerić, PhD

Number: LIGHTHOUSES 2015
Type: C
Description:   The stamps have been issued in 10-stamp sheetlets and there is also a First Day Cover (FDC).
Date: 10/6/2015

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