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Number: 1012
Value: 4.60 HRK
Design: Orsat Franković, designer, Zagreb
Photo: Mario Romulić
Size: 48.28 x 29.82 mm
Paper: white 102 g, gummed
Perforation: Comb,14
Technique: Multicolored Offsetprint
Printed by: AKD d.o.o., Zagreb
Date of issue: 10/6/2015
Quantity: 100,000

The lighthouse is today entirely renewed and used in tourist purposes. Although the rocks of Grebeni are of a total area of 2200 square metres, just some of its parts are accessible.

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South of the island of Daksa in the semi-circle formation there are rocks of Grebeni. From the furthest east in the row to the coast there stretches for navigating very dangerous shelf break. Therefore has this location been chosen to build the lighthouse. On the largest rock by its surface in 1872 a lighthouse was built. The building ran parallel with the building of the lighthouse on Daksa. The lighthouse Grebeni by its light range which is visible from the distance of 10 nautical miles marks the navigation route to the coastal light at the promontory Bezdanj on the island of Koločep. The lighthouse has been totally renewed and is used today in tourist purposes. It is a one-storey building with high attic surmounted by the square tower. The light on the tower rotates 26 metres above sea level. In the ground floor there are 107 square metres of living space and in the attic there are additional 55 square metres. Although the cliffs of Grebeni have a total area of 2200 square metres, just some of the area is accessible. The steepness of the major part of the cliff surface entirely prevents access from the sea. An exception is the location where the landing place has been built, on the north side of the rock. There is a stone staircase cut into the rock, leading to a small terrace in front of the lighthouse. The activities of the lighthouse men and their family members were taking place on a reduced area. The lighthouse Grebeni is today one of the tourist symbols of Dubrovnik. Solar panels ensure the necessary power and rainwater fills up a reservoir under the lighthouse building. The light is automatized and remote-controlled, so that to tourists during their stay on Grebeni full privacy is granted. The undersea world of Grebeni is rich in various types of undersea vegetation at the rims of the combinations of gaps and smaller undersea caves. In these gaps there hover shoals of small red fishes. The sea currents around Grebeni take away the plankton mass which attracts the shoals of small fish, which in autumn are followed also by bigger - pelagic fishes.

Neven Šerić, PhD

Number: LIGHTHOUSES 2015
Type: C
Description:   The stamps have been issued in 10-stamp sheetlets and there is also a First Day Cover (FDC).
Date: 10/6/2015

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