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Number: 1262
Value: 8.60 HRK
Design: Tomislav Tomić, academic painter graphic artist from Zaprešića nd Steve Simpson, a designer from Ireland
Size: 42.60 x 35.50 mm
Paper: white 102 g, gummed
Perforation: Comb,14
Technique: Multicolored Offsetprint
Printed by: AKD d.o.o., Zagreb
Date of issue: 23/1/2020
Quantity: 100,000 per motif

Croatia to preside over the European Union in 2020 - meet the country and its city that will be the European Capital of Culture in the same year Dear European friends and friends of Europe, welcome to Croatia, welcome to Rijeka! Nested within northern coastal Croatia's stunning landscapes, Rijeka is a place beaming with life and a bastion of free-spirited, peaceful coexistence and progressive thinking. Having developed under no less than seven different countries within the last hundred years, Rijeka and its residents await you with open arms, offering a plethora of cultural and historical heritage sites, testifying to Europe's profoundly turbulent history. This port of diversity, where the Mediterranean and Central Europe meet, will host a rich cultural programme in 2020 showcasing Rijeka's identity, while at the same time offering a panoply of European culture. We share the same continent, the same world, so let's get to know each other, let's get connected. Along with Rijeka, the Irish city of Galway also bears this prestigious title of the European Capital of Culture in 2020. Galway is located on the West Coast of Ireland. Situated on the Wild Atlantic Way, it is well known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, the exceptional kindness of its people, and for its status as the cultural hub of Ireland. This year's exciting pan-European programme will bring events to some of the most unexpected places both city- and regionwide, including the islands, remote villages, wetlands, fields, mountains and beaches. With all the food, music, dancing, theatrical and visual arts performances, poetry reading, literary and sporting events blending into quite a spectacle to behold, we are confident that visitors to Galway will be able to enjoy a pretty unique and fun-filled experience.

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Marku koja prikazuje Galway ilustrirao je i dizajnirao Steve Simpson i na njoj možemo vidjeti prepoznatljive znamenitosti toga grada uključujući Nacionalno sveučilište u Galwayu, zgrade na obali u naselju Claddagh i Španjolski luk. Prikazani su i simboli koji se povezuju s Galwayem, poput tradicionalnog ribarskog broda Galway Hooker, simbola na prstenu Claddagh, grba grada Galwaya, goleme lutke koju možemo vidjeti na paradi Macnas i koja predstavlja kazalište te gitare koja simbolizira ulične svirače Galwaya. U okviru jednog od najvećih kulturnih događaja u svijetu, Galway, kojeg često nazivaju „srcem irske kulture“, ugostit će stotine događaja tijekom 2020. u cilju osnaživanja zajednica i njihova ujedinjavanja kroz kulturu. Rijeka, treći najveći grad u Hrvatskoj, na sličan će način biti domaćin bogatom kulturnom programu u 2020. godini.

Type: C
Description:   Motifs: landmarks of the city of Rijeka and the city of Galway The postage stamps have been issued in 9-stamp sheetlets and the Croatian Post has also issued a First Day Cover (FDC). On January 23, 2020, An Post and Croatian Post jointly issued two commemorative stamps to celebrate the designation of Galway and Rijeka as European Capitals of Culture, 2020.
Date: 23/1/2020

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