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Croatian Post Inc

Jurišićeva 13, HR-10000 Zagreb
Register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb, MBS: 080266264 
OIB: 87311810356
Company Registration Number: 1414895
Giro account with Hrvatska poštanska banka d.d. Zagreb (Croatian Post Bank Inc): 2390001-1100018674
IBAN: HR162390 0011 1000 1867 4
Share capital: 952 636 100.00 HRK paid in total, in shares of nominal value of 100.00 HRK 


Advisory Board

Ivančica Urh, President

Management Board

Ivan Čulo, Chairman of the Board of HP-Hrvatska pošta d.d.
Ivana Mrkonjić, member of the Board
Hrvoje Parlov, member of the Board
Siniša Šukunda, member of the Board


Croatian Post was founded as an independent company in 1999. Its core activity is acceptance, sorting, transport and delivery of all postal items in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. In post offices throughout country the users are offered not only postal but also a number of payment services as well as a wide range of retail goods. The Croatian Post's hpekspres service is the only such express service offered in the whole Croatian territory. The development of new services, proactive sale, introduction of new products and orientation toward user are just a few characteristic for which Croatian Post is today recognised as a company which follows and develops quality services for present and future needs of its users. Constantly and attentively listening to the wishes and needs of its users and employees and following new trends in the market, Croatian Post is constantly improving the quality of its services in order not only to safeguard but also to strengthen its position in the market. 

Company organisation

Croatian Post is the only public company which does not follow the administrative organisation by counties, but has substituted it with a highly efficient divisional structure in accordance with the most up to date international standards. The divisional organisation of Croatian Post was among major restructurings of companies in the Republic of Croatia. The company is divided in four divisions: Post, Network and Express are territorially organised, while the Support Services division is centralised for more cost efficiency, as well as the Offices of the Management Board.  Due to the new structure the business communication has improved and today's organisational structure is based on the focus on user, clear competencies and responsibilities. By introducing divisional line structure organisation the responsibility line has been shortened and thus the processes of decision bringing within the company have been accelerated.


The history of Croatian Post in our territory reaches far into the period of Roman Empire, and during history the transportation of mail also occasionally meant the transportation of passengers and goods although in fact it was always the transportation of mail items.  An interesting historic event happened on 25 March 1848 in Lekenik: postman Josip Klempaj handed over to Colonel Josip Jelačić the Emperor's decree from Vienna appointing Jelačić as the vice-roy (ban). Not long after the event the postman Klempaj was appointed the chief administrative officer of Croatian and Slavonic posts. Ban Jelačić participated in another important event from the history of post. It was on 28 September 1850, on the day of first telegram communication in Croatia. The Deputy Ban Benko Lentulaj sent from Zagreb to Vienna a telegram with the message: “Telegraph functions O.K.”, and from Vienna the telegram sent by Ban Josip Jelačić read: “I was happy to receive your news“.
 The turning point in the history of post is surely marked by economic and technologic achievements, market liberalisation and privatisation at the end of the 20th century. After separating of HPT into HP-Croatian Post Inc and HT-Croatian Telecommunications Inc on 1 January 1999 Croatian Post acts as independent joint-stock company continuing the tradition and continuity of postal activity in the territory of the Republic of Croatia.  As business activity Post has always differed from other companies in the way it was earning its livelihood since its final goal is public interest. As a modern business entity Croatian Post has maintained this basic distinct feature of its functioning and its relationship toward users.  Due to these inherited features and long and rich historic development Croatian Post enjoys today a great business reputation and immense users' thrust in its services.