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Conditions of payment

    By accessing web page of Croatian Post Inc you confirm the acceptance of Conditions of Use of Croatian Post web site and its legal effects. Croatian Post Inc can at any time change and/or supplement its Conditions of Use of the web site without prior notice and thus change them and publish on this web page.  Changes to Conditions of Use are applied from the day of its publishing.
    In case you do not agree to the Conditions of Use please do not access this web page.  Each use of is subject to below stated conditions and time limits.
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    Croatian Post Inc will take all reasonable efforts to maintain web site functional and to ensure that all published information is complete, accurate and reliable.  Croatian Post Inc is not liable for temporary non-functionality of the web page and does not guarantee explicitly or implicitly, the accuracy, verity, reliability, or completeness of any of the published data, material or information.
    Croatian Post Inc reserves the right to change any content published on at any time and without prior or special notice. Croatian Post Inc does not commit to accuracy of the written material or products and services published on other web pages and relating to articles or services presented also on the web page of Croatian Post Inc.

Applicable law

    For explanation, application and legal effects of all authorisations, exclusions and conditions of use of the web page competent is Croatian law, and for all claims and legal procedures that might result from the use of or in connection with the web site of Croatian Post Inc competent are only Croatian courts i.e. the competent court in Zagreb. 

Age limitation

    Products are sold to adults only (i.e. persons aged 18 years and older). If you are younger than 18, you can use this Internet page only with parents' or guardian's participation. According to law it is not permitted to sell knives, products that contain spirits or tobacco to persons under 18 years. By making an order you confirm that you are a person of full age. It is against law to buy forbidden products if you are younger than 18 or for someone younger than18.

Consumer Protection Law Article 48

    In case of breach of contract, the Consumer is obliged to return the product at his own cost to the Vendor. The Consumer is not liable for any damage suffered by the Vendor as the result of the breach of contract. The Vendor is obliged ,as soon as possible and  at the latest  within 30 days from the receipt of information  about the breach of the contract in writing, to return to the Consumer the entire amount  which the Consumer had paid on the basis of the contract before the moment of the breach of contract,  increased with the penalty interest of  the business bank of the Vendor  per  amounts deposited for three months period,  for the whole period counting from the receipt of the information about the breach  in writing until the refund payment.  
    In case the Vendor can not deliver other goods, the Vendor shall refund to the Purchaser his/her postage costs for the return of goods and the value of goods which the Vendor can no longer deliver.  In case of return of goods that has not been caused by default of the Vendor, the Purchaser bears all incurred handling costs.

E-Commerce Law Article 3

    The service provider of an e-commerce business with the seat in the Republic of Croatia is obliged to perform and offer services in conformity with laws and other regulations of the Republic of Croatia. Croatian Post offers the possibility of paid postage refund in accordance with lawful conditions and deadlines in following cases:
  • Delivery of goods which was not ordered
  • Delivery of goods with defaults or damages that did not occur during the transport
 Remark: The Purchaser is obliged to present to Croatian Post the receipt of the paid postage – the bill for the paid registered mail service for returned goods.

Safe purchase

     You are completely safe while purchasing on . All data communication between our e-shop and your internet browser is encrypted and entirely safe. All information like the number of your credit card, your name and other personal data are safely stored and no person is familiar with them. Your data are managed by verified automated payment system. We use ePay service for Internet payment by the company Globaldizajn Inc., which takes advantage of the cutting edge technology in protection against malpractice as the safety protocol Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and other technologies and safety procedures according to highest standards. The exchange of delicate data between the system that operates online-payment and authorised centres of credit card issuers is performed through network which is fully protected from unauthorised access. Confidential data concerning your credit card are delivered online directly to the authorised centre.

Confidentiality and personal data protection

    Croatian Post Inc commits to protecting purchasers' personal data by collecting only basic user data which are necessary to fulfil the requirements, informs the users about the way of use of data collected, regularly offers to the users the option of choice concerning their data, including also the possibility of choice whether they want their name to be removed from listings used in marketing campaigns. All user data are strictly protected and accessible only to employees to whom they are indispensable in their work procedure. All Croatian Post Inc employees and business partners are liable for respecting the privacy protection principle.
    Croatian Post Inc. respects user's privacy on and shall collect only data such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail address of the user when they are delivered voluntarily. These data will be used for the purpose of contacting users of the web page and for statistical evaluation of the attendance of . The above mentioned user base is registered with the competent Personal Data Protection Agency whose all measurements and recommendations are applied.  Croatian Pos Inc will use all above mentioned data also for the purpose of improving its services. 
    Croatian Post Inc will not sell the collected data nor will it use them or transfer them to third party without explicit approval of the user. Any change in the privacy policy of Croatian Post Inc will be published on this web page.
Communications or materials provided by users such as questions, comments, proposals, etc. will not be considered as confidential.

Solving disputes

Based on the EU Regulation on consumer online Dispute Resolution from 15 February 2016 all disputes arising from online purchase in the entire EU territory can be solved through ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) platform. The platform can be used by both - customers as well as merchants and complaints can be submitted in any of the 23 official languages of the EU. If you encounter a problem during online purchase within EU, you can fill in a complaint form in three easy steps. The form can be found here.