Hrvatska verzija

Commercial stamp


    Your own commercial stamp bearing the theme and motif of your choice are truly a unique way to present your company and your products to the world. Initially serving as proof that postal services had been paid in advance, the significance of postage stamps increased with time, soon turning it into an important part of a country’s identity and a conveyor of its historical, cultural and political specificities. As ambassadors of their countries, as they are sometimes rightfully called, postage stamps represent their countries throughout the world and serve as a unique method of advertising.
    Croatian Post is the sole publisher of postage stamps on the Croatian market, thus offering the Croatian citizens a truly exclusive product. If you wish to celebrate an important milestone in your company’s history, the introduction of new business activities or stress your vision or mission, Croatian Post can design your very own postage stamp. Research has shown that a postage stamp adds to the importance of a letter and directs the attention of the recipient toward it. Letters with stamps are two times more likely to be read, which is certainly important for the success of an advertising campaign. Your own commercial stamp is a permanent means of promoting your company because it automatically becomes a part of philatelic collections and albums, enters into exchange with 192 countries of the Universal Postal Union, appears at all significant postal fairs and finds its way to philatelists all over the world who wish to expand their ever-growing personal collections.